Give Kate a Voice ( Short Film, 2018)
Steps (Feature Film 2017)
Hang ’em Hyrule (Short film, 2015)
The Sound of Your Voice (NJ Film School, 2014, Short)
ROM Character Teaser (Feature Film)
The Spear (NJ Film School, 2012, Short)
The Water’s Edge (Dir. Chris Messineo, 2012, Short)
Quest for Adventure (Dir. Andy Olson, 2012, Short)
A Beary Scary Movie (Dir. Justin Beasley, Feature)

Dogs of Chinatown (Dir. Micah Moore, 2010, Feature)
ROM (Dir. Ben Silker, 2010, Short)
My Name is Francesca (Dir. Jeremy Hyler, 2009, Short)
Change (Dir. Jay Rodriguez, 2009, Short)
It’s Hour Come Round (Dir. Adam Hulin, 2009, Short)
Dreamland (Dir. Glen McDonald, 2009, Short)
CPU (Dir. Jeremy Hyler, 2006, Short)
The Fight Within (Dir. Jay Rodriguez, 2006, Short)


Avengers Infinity War
Star Wars The Last Jedi
Incredibles 2
First Man
Honda (Indonesia)
Cadillac (China)
Toyota (Malaysia)
Samsung (Malaysia)

Sprite (China)
Milo (Malaysia)
Minute Maid (China)
KFC (New Zealand & Asia)
Allianz (Malaysia)
NZ Transport (New Zealand)
Coca Cola (Malaysia)
Swatch (USA/Europe)
Asus (Malaysia)
Flora ProActiv (New Zealand)


Gravastar (TBA)
Starbreak (2016)
Hilda Bewildered (2014)
Dillo Hills 2 (2014)

Blue Rose (2012)
Dillo Hills (2012)
The Artifacts (2012)
Evito (2010)